Long luscious lashes are a universal symbol of beauty. It has been widely documented for centuries that men, and in fact women, are more attracted to those with beautiful eyes and wondrously long eyelashes, sadly, we can’t all be blessed with the best lashes in the land so here at Olivia Cole Lashes we can help you – “fake it, until you make it!”

We offer a range of individual lash extensions that can help give you that length or fullness you so desperately desire, we can even give you some handy tips to help you grow stronger and longer lashes naturally.  Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or Mega Volume we can make your lash dreams come true.

Eyelash Extensions

What to expect

Lash extensions can come in all different shapes and sizes. We offer 2 types of lash extensions:

Russian Volume - Hand Made Fans 


1 Hour volume - Pre Made Fans 

A full set of Russian Volume lashes take around 2 hours to apply, as each fan is individually made by your technician.

Russian lashes can be as full or as light as your natural lashes will allow. Volume doesn't have to mean thick and heavy. We can do a beautiful set of light 2-3D volume lashes, in mixed lengths to give a subtle enhancement if you are looking for a more natural effect. 

1 hour volume give fullness in half the time - great for expecting mothers of ladies with back troubles