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Price: £65

Time: 2.5 Hours 

Infills: 2 weekly £35

What to expect: Full fluffy lashes that add length and drama

More Details: 

Our Russian Volume lashes are for clients that like a dramatic and full looking set of lashes. 

Great for people that enjoy the downtime of getting their lashes done.

Each fan is individually made, this is what takes the time, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Price: £45

Time: 45 minutes 

Downtime: Varies, no downtime for most.

What to expect: Light natural lashes that add length and texture


More Details: 

Our light set of Volume lashes are perfect for clients that like a light, natural set of lashes. These lashes are best for adding length and a flick to the outer corner. 

Great for people that do not wear eye makeup to help this light set last longer. 

Light volume take much less time to apply as we apply far less lashes, as such they do require 2 weekly infills and will feel much more spars between fills. 


Great set for first timers or those that want a new set every 4 weeks instead of infills.

Adding Lashes


Price: £65

Time: 1 hour

Infills: 2.5 - 3 weekly £40

What to expect: Versatile lashes that can be full and dramatic or light and fluffy. Hybrid also available. 

More Details: 

Our Extra Retention Volume lashes are great for clients that love a full set of lashes without going down the Mega Volume route. 

Our high quality hand made, pre made fans give extra coverage and can be applied to every lash, giving great fullness and density. Using pre made fans enables us to push and hold the fan onto the natural lash without the fan collapsing, giving you longer lasting fullness with every set.

These lashes are great for pregnant clients and clients with back issues that love a full set but struggle with the 2-3 hours laying down. These "new to market" lashes give the same great coverage in half the time. 

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