PMU - What to Expect 

Do I need a consultation? 

Consultations are usually carried out on the day of your treatment, it is not necessary to have one in advance unless you have previously had permanent makeup in the area. 

we offer free no obligation consultations that can be carried out over face time or face to face.

I've had permanent makeup before...

If you have had your brows done previously you will need to let us know before booking. We cannot colour boost other technicians work, but we can (in most cases) cover old brows.

We specialise in brow corrections here at Olivia Cole so please contact us directly to discuss your PMU needs if you have had work done before in the area. 

How long does it take?

Your first appointment is around 2 hours long, with lips and corrections taking slightly longer. your touch-up appointment is approximately 1 hour long which you will have 4-12 weeks later. 

How long does it last?

All our permanent makeup treatments last around 2 years, with annual - 18 monthly touch-ups required to keep them fresh. 

Does it hurt?

We use the best topical numbing cream available to make the treatments comfortable. Everyone's tolerance to pain is different. Most clients find it a walk in the park but others can be more sensitive. 

What will my brows look like?

Your brows will look dark, sharp and thick straight after your initial procedure. This will last around 10 days as they scab over, heal and peel away. You must be prepared for this stage and trust they will heal softer and lighter. 

what is the healing process?


Healing takes around 10 days each time you have them tattooed. We provide you with a great healing cream to promote speedy and good healing. You must keep your brows out of direct sunshine whilst healing, so no tanning, sunbeds or anything that could compromise your pigment retention. 


I'm going on holiday and want my brows ready...


As its not good for fresh/healing brows to be in the sunshine you should plan your holidays around your treatment. To have them completely finished for your fun in the sun, you should start the process at least 8 weeks before. You can holiday in between your first appointment and your touch-up as long as you are out of the 10 day healing time, in order to protect them with sunblock. 

I'm blonde and worried they will be too dark...

   We LOVE working on blonde clients and so far 100% of our blonde ladies have wanted to go darker on their touch-up. We always work a shade lighter than we think we will need with blondes for their first appointment, just to ensure we never go too dark. Natural is always our goal here at OC.

I'm a more mature client and am concerned they will stand out...

   Nicole is very experienced working on clients over 60 years old. She has developed a technique specifically tailored to more mature skin types, allowing for a more shallow needle depth and lighter touch to give a soft blended looking brow that has no crisp edges. With this technique less definitely becomes more. 

How is this different to Microblading 

   Microblaing is performed with a small hand-tool and is the manual method of permanent makeup. This treatment is referred to as Micropigmentation and is the machine method. 


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