Permanent Brows are the must have accessory of the decade. 


If you spend hours every week in the mirror trying to achieve brow perfection and dream of your brows being “Insta Ready” all day every day, then you have come to the right place. 


We can give you permanently perfect brows, whether you’re looking to enhance your shape, add definition or just a touch of shading; we can help you achieve your brow goals. Great brows have never been more popular than they are today and the right brow for you is only an appointment away. 

Permanent Make Up

About Micropigmentation

Here at Olivia Cole Cosmetics we think it’s important to know what to expect when considering a permanent make-up treatment. Below is some important information about Micropigmentation. 


Micropigmentation, also referred to as semi permanent make-up or permanent cosmetics, is a process whereby natural pigments (not ink) are implanted into the skin.


This method of tattooing is done using a digital machine, similar to conventional tattooing. A selection of micro-needles are used to penetrate the skin and implant the pigment into the dermal layer. The Dermal layer sits directly underneath the top layer (Epidermis) of the skin, achieving this depth is what keeps the pigment from fading within a matter of weeks. 

We use this method of tattooing for our Lips, Brows and Eyeliner treatments.

All Permanent Makeup procedures are completed in 2 appointments 4-12 weeks apart so planning around events is beneficial.

This is not Microblading... 

Micropigmentation is not the same as Microblading. It is safer, longer lasting and achieves more consistent healed results. Microblading is performed with a small hand tool not a digital machine. 


Many effects can be achieved with Micropigmentation, however it’s important to understand that your skin type plays a large role in which effect will heal best in your skin.​​

Microshading  is the technique we specialise in. This effect is great for all skin types and heals soft and natural.


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