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What do men need to know about Botox?

Just like women, men can also benefit from Botox, taking control of their appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

When should you start your Botox?

The earlier you start and continue to have treatment, the better the results. This is because, over time, the muscles shrink in size, naturally making the lines and wrinkles less visible. Therefore, starting before the lines and wrinkles get deep-set is a good idea.

Where should you have your Botox?

We would suggest starting with the glabellar lines or the frown lines. There are two benefits to having Botox here. Firstly, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Secondly, intriguingly, research suggests it can naturally boost your mood by reducing these frown lines. This is because when you frown less, your muscles aren't contracting to make the frown, which sends a different message to your brain, potentially leading to a happier disposition.

Botox for Men Versus Women

Contrary to the common perception that Botox is just for women, men also like having the treatment. They tend to opt for subtle results, so their botox injections are tailored differently to suit their unique facial features.

Men's muscles are more robust, so they need more toxins. This is why Botox is more expensive for men.

Men tend to have it for their frown lines, to help reduce sweating and stop their teeth grinding. Men don’t always have Botox around their eyes, as these are happy lines which don't tend to age men as much as women.

For more information or to book your consultant contact Hannah at Olivia Cole.

‘‘Nicole and her salon are a dream. Professional, clean, calm and with a detailed hand. With typical concerns about facial injections, Nicole put all those to bed, many without my having to say they are there. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for facial fillers or Botox.’’

C. Perry (Google Review)


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