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Welcome to Olivia Cole Well-being. You have just started your journey to becoming the best version  of yourself 

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the world, affecting 284 million people (our world data 2018)

It is estimated that mental health disorders are attributed to 14.3% of deaths worldwide, or approximately 8 million deaths each year 

Suicide is the #1 cause of death in men in their 40's

Males suicides have consistently accounted for three quarters of all suicides in the UK since the mid 1990's.

Studies have shown that 20% of adults in the UK feel ashamed of parts of their body, 34% feel down or low and 19% feel disgusted. 

Feeling insecure about your intelligence, your position in life, the way you look or any other part of what makes you who you are, can lead to serious mental health issues which can have a massive impact on your life and overall wellbeing. 

Here at Olivia Cole we are not mental health professionals, we are people with a story to tell and knowledge to share. We want to help you learn how to identify your mental health issues in order to understand how to manage them.


My name is Nicole O'Grady, I am the founder and creator of Olivia Cole and I am a long time "manager" of Anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphia.

Our small team of experts each have their own story of mental health struggles, and we are all normal people, just like you. Each one of us, thought we were the last "type of person" to suffer from a "mental health illness", but guess what, there is no type, it simply is what it is, and when you're not in control of it, it sucks. 


So we are here today to encourage you to make a change for a better life, we can offer you guidance and support in seeking professional help or making small lifestyle changes that will help you better manage your feelings and emotions. We are hear to listen, guide, educate and support. 

Our collective experience:




Eating disorders and body dysmorphia

Substance abuse 

Flowers on Bare Back

I  am who I am

Be brave

my body , my rules

This too shall pass




One  day or day one?

stop and breath

The only thing more exhausting than having a mental illness, is pretending not to have one

Laptop and Notebook

Anxiety Management

Online Course

talking on phones

121 Weekly support 


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