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Questions you should ask before getting Botox

First and foremost, you should know that Botox is a brand name; the toxin is known as botulinum toxin and is a neuromodulator.

Toxin injections can help with fine lines, crows feet, frown lines, laugh lines and more. Botox can help smooth out these lines, giving you a healthier, fresher-looking face.

Here, we explore several questions you should be asking your aesthetician at that first appointment:


Who will be doing my appointment?

On appointment day, you'll be greeted by Hannah at the clinic, who will welcome and prepare you for your appointment.

Nicole O'Grady will then be taking over and delivering the toxin injections. The procedure will take place in one of the spa rooms.


What experience do they have?

Nicole O'Grady is the founder and head aesthetician at Olivia Cole. She is an Advanced Aesthetician specialising in Micropigmentation and injectable treatments. She trained in Harley Street and is a proud member of the British Association of Medical Aesthetic Complications.

Hannah is Nicole’s executive assistant, she’s a highly qualified beautician with extensive experience in client care management and has worked for Olivia Cole for over a year. She has trained with brands like Espa and Elemis.


What type of toxin do they use?

We use Alluzience. Alluzience is the first “ready to use” liquid neurotoxin in the UK. This ground breaking toxin lasts twice as long as traditional toxins and you can benefit from its results in 1-3 days cutting down the usual 2 week onset time. You can read our blog post on this next week.

Do you offer a follow-up appointment?

We follow up with all patients in the days and weeks after your treatment. All our clients get a phone call from Hannah to guide them through their post treatment journey.

Do you have some before and after images?

We have a whole host of before and after images on our Instagram channel and over 30 5-star Google reviews. You can follow us @‌oliviacoleuk

Is my injector knowledgeable in the anatomy of the face so they can tailor my treatment to my specific needs?

Nicole is an extremely diligent injector with a passion for learning. She has spent many years researching the anatomy of the face and the principles of muscle contraction. She is qualified in both standard and advanced toxin injections and has a large portfolio of tailored toxin treatments.

Do you offer a free consultation?

We would be delighted to invite you into the clinic for an initial consultant to ensure we are the right partner for your health and wellbeing journey.

How should I expect to feel?

As these are injections, depending on the area being treated will depend on the level of discomfort. Any discomfort is mild and over with extremely quickly. You can expect a small sting and possibly some subtle tenderness at the injection site. Many clients don’t experience any discomfort at all.

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