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Toxins Used As A Neuromodulator

Botulinum toxin as a neuromodulator

Botulinum toxin is used as a neuromodulator to help people reduce wrinkles, enhance their features, and help with headaches and other illnesses. There are many different types of Botulinum Toxins used worldwide, and in this post, we explain the difference between those available and why we use Alluzience. 

What is the toxin do we use at the clinic?

As mentioned here at Olivia Cole, we use Alluzience. This is the only neuromodulator toxin that comes pre-mixed. It is one of the best because the results are much quicker than the other toxins on the market. It can be a bit more stingy than other toxins, but as the results are so good, our clients don't mind. Our clients tend to see results within 48/72 hours, with overall results being seen in two weeks. 

Do we use Botox? If not, what do we use and why?

Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin. It has become commonly used for the procedure to help people reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but it is, in fact, the brand name for a toxin. We don't currently use it as we prefer Azzulence, which comes pre-mixed.

Why is it essential for you to know what's being injected?

All toxins are different, and it is up to aestheticians to decide which one they should use. You should find out the names as brands differ from clinic to clinic, and like everything, one might suit you more than another. 


Know Your Aesthetician. 

You need to know your aesthetician before meeting them. Don't be scared to ask them questions about themselves and their training, as well as about the treatment and the toxin used.

Get as much information as possible from that first consultation.


Top Tip

If you are unhappy with the results after a few days or weeks, you should return to that aesthetician to help support you.

Most neuromodulator injections can be tweaked, and changes can be easily implemented.

Going to a new aesthetician may lead to different results than you require and may cause more problems in the long run. 

‘‘Such a beautiful place, lovely staff and nicole is fantastic at what she does, highly recommend!.’’

Vikki Welsh. (Google Review)


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