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What to expect from your Botox appointment at Olivia Cole

Booking with Olivia Cole is easy. You can either book an appointment directly online through the website, or if you’re in need of a little assistance, you can call, text or even WhatsApp the clinic directly to speak to Hannah. However if you decide to book, Hannah is there to guide you through your journey.

Pre Appointment

If you are a new client, Hannah will call you to discuss your upcoming appointment, depending on your treatment. She will even check in a few days before to ensure you know how to find us.

If you are new to aesthetics, the team at Olivia Cole will be delighted to invite you in for a coffee to discuss everything they have to offer. All consultations at Olivia Cole are complimentary and relaxed.

If are already knowledgeable on aesthetics, you are welcome to have a consultation on the day of your appointment. Hannah will be able to talk you through your upcoming treatment.

On the Day

Hannah will welcome you into the lounge, offering you complimentary refreshment’s whilst preparing you for your treatment.

Their luxury lounge is a wonderful place to relax and unwind before your treatment.

When your pre appointment paperwork has been completed and your clinician is ready for you, Hannah will walk you down to the treatment room where your consultation and treatment will take place.

Once your treatment is over you will be shown back into the lounge to relax with water and maybe some sugar (if you have had a treatment which includes injections). You will also receive post-care information at this point.

After The Appointment

Hannah will check in with you 24 hours after your appointment to answer any questions you maybe have and just to see how you are feeling. Hannah will then stay in touch via text message in the following days and weeks.

With Botox, Olivia Cole give complimentary tweak appointments within two weeks. They also offer secondary appointments for lip filler to ensure you are happy.

OC also have 24/7 medical emergency care, so even if you are out of town, you can be seen by our medical partners in multiple locations across the UK.


Hannah from Olivia Cole


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